AirBnB Guests

Notice from the Board of Directors of the Home ownership Association to Guests renting apartments through AirBnB

Welcome to our apartment building called ”Sadolin Parken”. The name of the building derives from back in time when a big factory, ”Sadolin”, producing paint, was situated on these grounds.

A large part of the neighbourhood was previously occupied by heavy industry, but as the city of Copenhagen has been expanding for many years and still more people choosing to take residency in the city, there is a constant need of more housing. This area has been developed into housing after cleaning the grounds of pollution.

The area offers a vast number of opportunities for shopping, grocery shopping, restaurants and take-away places – and of course the nearby beach.

The building is from 2006 and has a total of 131 apartments – 58 of these are co-ops (housing cooperatives) and 73 condominiums (home ownership).

Behind the building you will find our own small oasis of a green area, which you are very welcome to enjoy.

We are happy that you choose to rent an apartment in our building during your stay in Copenhagen, but we also kindly ask you to respect and follow the same rules, which apply, to all apartment owners. The following rules must be observed – please note that the listed rules are not the comprehensive set of rules! The owner of the apartment you are renting will be able to inform you of additional rules.

  • Loud noise after 22:00 hours is prohibited. There are many families with small children living in the building and we respect these families and their children’s need of quiet time in the evening/night time
  • Throwing cigarette butts, beer bottles and cans etc. from balconies down on the street below is strictly prohibited
  • When using the green area behind the building please do not leave trash in the green areas. There are plenty of trash cans in the area
  • In the stairways there is a shaft on each floor (metal hatch with metal handle). This is for kitchen trash. Please observe that you must not throw empty plastic bags or light objects into the shaft, as these will be sucked into a motor, which ventilates the shaft for bad smell. Also, only throw trash in the shaft in SEALED/closed plastic bags
  • Trash must be sorted! – Please do not throw the following things in the trash bag into the shaft:
    *Bio trash
    *All sorts of glass
    *Newspapers and paper
    *Metal objects
  • The above-mentioned items must be thrown away in special trash bins situated in the enclosed/fenced area at Lyneborggade 33 (at the end of the fire access road)
  • Do not flush any form of trash in the toilet
  • Do not cover the exhaust in the bathrooms
  • You are not entitled to use the basement for parking of vehicle. Parking of vehicles in the basement is allocated for apartment owners having a rental agreement. Failure to comply will result in having your vehicle removed without giving you any notice – the expense for having your vehicle removed must be paid by the owner of the apartment you rent and subsequently by you
  • It is prohibited to park bicycles and other means of transport in front of the main doors of the apartment building as well as the entire fire access road. Bicycles etc. must be parked behind the building where you will find bicycle racks

The board of directors welcome you and hope you will enjoy your stay in Copenhagen.